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Can The Installed Customized Kitchen Cabinet Be Changed?

Modern Kitchen Cabinet

There are many things that can be customized for decoration, and customized kitchen cabinets are more common. So if the size of the kitchen cabinet is wrong, can it be changed?

Modern Kitchen Cabinet
Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Can the size of the finished kitchen cabinet be changed?

Generally speaking, the size of a good kitchen cabinet cannot be changed. After all, a change may affect the overall use of the kitchen cabinets. If you want to make some changes, you can ask the customized manufacturer for help. Their master is professional and may have a way. Of course, if the manufacturer makes a mistake in the size when customizing, you can ask for direct return and replacement, because it is their responsibility. In fact, the service of many manufacturers is still good, and they are generally willing to change or exchange goods.

Things to know before customization.

1. Material selection

The material selection of the kitchen cabinets determines its service life and affects the overall effect of the kitchen cabinets. Therefore, when customizing, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of various materials before making a more suitable choice. For example, when looking at the back plate of the kitchen cabinets, you should choose the double-cover one, because the single-cover one is prone to moisture and mildew. Moreover, the environmental protection and fire resistance of the board are also very important. I suggest that you can choose double decorative panels. The thickness of the board can be 9mm, and the bearing capacity is enough.

2. Installation process

Consult the installation process of the kitchen cabinet in advance. The quality of the installation process includes whether the table top is flat and tight, and more importantly, the joint mode of the cabinet body and corner; Generally, most businesses use rivets and adhesives to join, while the kitchen cabinets with exquisite craftsmanship are mostly connected and fixed with round bars and tenons, and less adhesives are used.

The same is true for the sink on the table. When purchasing, you should ask whether the aluminum foil is glued or pressed at one time. The process of pressing at one time is more integrated and better sealed, which can effectively protect the cabinet from moisture.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet
Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Sealing of kitchen cabinet

Some friends may choose the open-type kitchen cabinet design, but in fact, this style has some shortcomings. For example, lampblack stain is the biggest problem. The kitchen will produce lampblack when cooking, so it is better to place cookers, pots and pans in closed kitchen cabinets to prevent lampblack from polluting the indoor environment. Another is that if there are children at home, it can also prevent children from damaging the contents of the kitchen cabinets.


With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and aesthetic appreciation, kitchen decoration has become an important part of modern home decoration, and the second kitchen cabinet is the soul of the kitchen, which is very important. The kitchen cabinet is well made and the kitchen is comfortable.

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