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How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Boards?

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What is the base material of the kitchen cabinet like?

Density board, also known as density fiberboard, is made mainly of powdered wood fibers and plant fibers, which are then added with glue and pressed into a board in a high-pressure and high-temperature environment.

The powdery fibers give density boards a smooth and delicate surface, and are easy to machine into various shapes, often used for making cabinet doors; But it also caused the problem of poor nail grip and bearing capacity, so it is generally used for the production of cabinet doors and is not recommended as a board for the cabinet body.

White Kitchen Cabinet
White Kitchen Cabinet

Solid wood particle board

The raw material of solid wood particle board is “wood fragments of a certain size”. Compared to density board, its raw material particles are larger, and the structure of intersecting and staggered particles not only increases the toughness of the board, but also makes its bending and deformation resistance more excellent, not easy to break, and can bear weight. Currently, solid wood particle boards are the most common in customized cabinets throughout the house.

Plywood board

The structure of plywood boards is more compact, making their load-bearing capacity and pressure resistance better than “solid wood particle boards”. It is generally used for customizing the main body of cabinets on carpentry sites, and it has good moisture resistance and stable structure, so I also prefer to use it as the cabinet body for kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

Ousong board

Ousong board, strictly speaking, belongs to the category of solid wood particle board, but its production process is superior to ordinary solid wood particle board, giving it an unparalleled super strong nail grip force compared to ordinary boards; In addition, the glue it uses is generally MDI glue that does not contain formaldehyde, and its environmental performance is also higher than that of other people’s ordinary wood-based panels.

Wood Kitchen Cabinet
Wood Kitchen Cabinet

What are the board finishes available?

The veneer of the board mainly includes melamine, PVC, baking paint, solid wood veneer, and paint.

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