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Pay Attention To The Details When Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Kitchen Cabinet

With the continuous upgrading of modern home life, kitchen cabinets have become one of the indispensable facilities in kitchens. However, when installing kitchen cabinets, many people overlook some details, leading to problems in subsequent use. Therefore, this article will introduce the issues that need to be paid attention to when installing kitchen cabinets from multiple aspects.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet
Modern Kitchen Cabinet

1、Determine the model and size of the kitchen cabinet

Before purchasing a kitchen cabinet, be sure to determine the model and size of the cabinet you need. Consider the actual situation of the kitchen, such as the length and height of the wall, and the level of the ground. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the functions of the kitchen and one’s own usage habits, such as how many storage compartments are needed, which compartments need to be set as drawers, and which ones need to be set as hanging styles.

2、Determine the material and color of the kitchen cabinet

The material and color of the kitchen cabinet also need to be considered. Different materials have different characteristics, such as solid wood cabinets with good texture but high prices, while artificial board cabinets with relatively low prices but slightly poor texture. In terms of color, you can choose according to your own preferences and overall style, but you also need to consider factors such as lighting and the environmental tone of the kitchen.

3、Determine the installation location and method of kitchen cabinets

When installing kitchen cabinets, it is necessary to first determine the installation location and method of the cabinets. There are generally two installation methods for kitchen cabinets: hanging and floor mounted. Hanging cabinets need to be hung on the wall, while floor mounted cabinets need to be placed on the ground. When choosing the installation method, you should choose according to your actual situation.

European Kitchen Cabinets
European Kitchen Cabinets

4、Clean the kitchen before installation

Before installing the kitchen cabinet, it is necessary to clean up the items in the kitchen for the installation personnel to carry out the construction. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the water and electricity lines and exhaust pipes in the kitchen meet the standards to avoid affecting the installation and subsequent use of the kitchen cabinet.

5、Installation height and level of kitchen cabinets

When installing kitchen cabinets, pay attention to the installation height and level of the cabinets. Generally speaking, the bottom of a kitchen cabinet should be between 70 to 80 centimeters above the ground, while the upper part should have a certain distance from the ceiling for easy ventilation and maintenance. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the level of the kitchen cabinet to prevent problems such as instability or inability to close the door during use.

6、Fixation and connection of kitchen cabinets

When installing kitchen cabinets, attention should be paid to the fixation and connection of the cabinets. The fixing of the kitchen cabinet can be done using expansion screws or nails, ensuring that it is firmly fixed. In terms of connection, it is necessary to follow the requirements on the kitchen cabinet manual to avoid instability or inconvenience in use.

Black Kitchen Cabinet
Black Kitchen Cabinet

7、Cleaning and maintenance after installation

After installing the kitchen cabinet, it is necessary to clean and maintain it to ensure its service life and aesthetics. When cleaning, soft cloth and professional cleaning agents can be used to avoid using graduated items and overly irritating cleaning agents. In terms of maintenance, it is necessary to regularly inspect the connection parts and storage compartments of the kitchen cabinet, clean up debris in a timely manner, and maintain the appearance of the cabinet.

In short, installing kitchen cabinets is a meticulous and important process that requires attention to multiple aspects. Only when strictly following the requirements for installation and maintenance can the service life and aesthetics of the kitchen cabinet be guaranteed.

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