Pay Attention To These 10 Points When Designing A Custom Wardrobe

Wood Wardrobe

When decorating, when many people choose a wardrobe, they generally pay more attention to whether the board is environmentally friendly and whether the style is good-looking. They often ignore the partition layout of the interior space of the wardrobe, such as how to allocate space in the clothes hanging area and the clothes folding area, as well as the hanging of the wardrobe. Whether the height of the clothing area is reasonable, so there are a lot of attention to custom wardrobes.

Bedroom Wardrobe
Bedroom Wardrobe

1. There must be more than 3 drawers

Custom wardrobes generally require additional fees and extra money, so many people will save money, as long as 1-2 wardrobes, after the real move in, only to find that the drawers of the original wardrobe are too practical, you can put underwear, socks and some important Documents, etc. At the time of customization, there were only two drawers, which were not enough at all. There were too many small things to put away, and now they are full, so when you customize your wardrobe, don’t save this money, it is recommended to do 3-4 drawers.

2. Don’t make the clothes rail too high

The clothes rail in the wardrobe should be determined according to the height. If there are short people at home, it is recommended not to make the clothes rail high, otherwise, you can only hang and hold clothes on your toes in the later stage, which is really painful. The installation height of the clothes rail should be the owner’s height plus 20 cm. The distance from the upper edge of the clothes rail to the top plate of the cabinet is 40mm to 60mm.

3. Do not do sliding doors in wardrobes

Many people think that the sliding door of the wardrobe is very space-saving, but in fact, the sliding door is very inconvenient. If there are clothes inside that are not folded properly, the clothes will be stuck and cannot be pulled. In addition to the closed state, you can’t think of the side-to-side door. It is more convenient to open all of them at the same time. In addition, the guide rails at the bottom of the sliding door are very easy to accumulate dust. I think it is better to use the side-to-side door.

Modern Wardrobe
Modern Wardrobe

4. The internal space layout and partition of the wardrobe should be reasonable

The internal partition of the wardrobe should be determined according to the wearing habits of your family. Generally, the internal partition of the wardrobe will have a long clothing area, a short clothing area, and a folding clothing area. If you like to wear long skirts or long coats, reserve more space. For long clothes area, if you think the clothes hanging area is too wasteful of space, you can set up multi-layer partitions to make clothes folding area. The storage function of the clothes folding area is stronger than that of the clothes hanging area, so if you want to put more clothes, just Make more folding areas.

5. Never choose a fixed trellis

The wardrobe lattice looks very practical. It can be used to store small items such as socks and belts, but when you are really practical, you find that it is very difficult to use. This kind of lattice is fixed, and larger items cannot be stuffed. Therefore, it is recommended not to install this kind of fixed trellis, and you can directly buy those flexible trellis in the later stage.

6. Don’t choose a trouser rack

In fact, after many people actually move in, the utilization rate of the trouser rack is very low. The family generally does not wear trousers, and the trousers are hung up or folded after washing, and they are rarely put on the trouser rack, so it is not recommended to use it, it is a waste. Money, waste of space.

7. Make more movable partitions

The stacking area in the cabinet should use movable partitions, which can be adjusted up and down, so that they can be used flexibly in the later stage.

8. Remember to install a foldable full-length mirror in your wardrobe

When customizing the wardrobe, don’t save the money for the mirror. The money for the mirror is not expensive. Generally, it can be done for a few hundred yuan. When choosing a mirror, which one can be folded, you don’t have to worry about closing the door. The closet is facing the bed.

Modern Wardrobe
Modern Wardrobe

9. The wardrobe door panel should be buffered

The wardrobe door must remember to have a buffer, otherwise there will be a lot of noise when closing the door, so don’t save this money.

10. The wardrobe should be topped

Custom wardrobes need to be topped so they look good and don’t accumulate dust on the top, plus they can hold bulky items like quilts to maximize space.

The most important thing to customize a wardrobe is to start from the living habits of your family. If you have a lot of small things and no place to put them, remember to make a few more drawers, don’t save this money! If you don’t like folding clothes, then make more clothes hanging areas and hang clothes directly on hangers.

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