Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet Design

Bathroom Cabinet Design

The bathroom cabinet in the bathroom plays the role of storage. A good bathroom cabinet can not only increase the capacity, but also make the bathroom look very refreshing and clean. So how to design the bathroom cabinet in the bathroom?

1. The composition of the bathroom cabinet: The bathroom cabinet is composed of three parts: the cabinet body of the bathroom cabinet, the basin, and the drainage system.

2. The size of the bathroom cabinet: When determining the size of the bathroom cabinet, first determine the size of the bathroom. Generally, the size of the bathroom is 5-10 square meters, so the size of the bathroom cabinet is generally between 80-100cm, and the width is between 45-50cm. The size of the ultra-small and super-large units can also be slightly increased or decreased.

3. The basin of the bathroom cabinet: The basin also needs a reasonable height to make daily washing more convenient. The height of the basin is generally between 80-85cm. If the space of the bathroom is small, you can choose a single-sided washbasin. The size of a single-sided washbasin is generally between 60-120cm. If the bathroom area is large enough, double-sided basin height can also be installed, which is between 120-170cm.

4. Mirror cabinet of bathroom cabinet: Generally, the length of bathroom mirror is between 50-60cm, and the thickness of bathroom mirror is generally 8cm. The height of the bathroom mirror from the basin is 20cm. The bathroom mirror can also be used as a storage to hide small items in the washing area in the bathroom cabinet. It will look cleaner and tidy overall.

5. The color of bathroom cabinets: general bathroom cabinets can choose these colors to create:

(1) White: White bathroom cabinets will make the whole look very clean. Coupled with a ceramic basin, it gives a very elegant feeling.

(2) Blue: The blue bathroom cabinet makes the overall look more fashionable, and the blue is more atmospheric and fashionable. It is the color of choice for people with quality life.

(3) Green: Green symbolizes life. Choosing green for bathroom cabinets will make the overall look fresher, as if the whole breath becomes fresher when you stay indoors.

6. Combination forms of bathroom cabinets: There are generally two combinations of bathroom cabinets: wall-mounted and floor-standing. The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is more suitable for small-sized houses. It occupies a small space and is easy to clean. The bathroom cabinet can be cleaned easily. Generally, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets can be combined with storage cabinets, partitions and other furniture, effectively increasing the storage function. The floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinet is more suitable for large-scale houses, and more suitable for the design of dry and wet separation.

7. Selection skills of bathroom cabinets:

(1) The bathroom cabinet should be suspended or wall-mounted as far as possible, so that the bathroom cabinet can be isolated from the ground, so that the air is circulated, and it is easier to prevent moisture.

(2) When choosing the hinge of the bathroom cabinet, try to choose a large hinge, which can open the angle of the bathroom cabinet to 180°. This angle allows easy access to the items in the bathroom cabinet.

(3) When choosing the metal parts of the bathroom, you must choose aluminum products that have been specially treated with moisture-proof treatment, so that you can buy the bathroom back to achieve a better moisture-proof effect.

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