Bathroom Cabinet

Waterproof and Durable Bathroom Cabinet Material

Waterproof and Durable Bathroom Cabinet Material

The bathroom cabinet is the most important facility for storage in the bathroom, and it also takes into account the function of supporting the washbasin. There are many kinds of bathroom cabinet materials. Many owners do not know which one to choose when decorating. Say what materials are available for bathroom cabinets and how to match them.

Bathroom cabinets are commonly made of wood. The simpler one is to use wood to make a frame and put the sink on it. So the key is the wood. Generally, the cheap is the laminated particle board, which is the wood pressed with sawdust and glue. This kind of wood has poor nail-holding ability. The general problem is that the nails at the hinges of the cabinet door are loose. The wood itself is relatively soft, and it is useless to reinforce it. Basically, the door will fall after a year or two. The other is that it is not moisture-proof. If a little water enters, it will quickly produce mildew and cause rot. Seriously, mushrooms may grow!

It is better to use solid wood oak bathroom cabinets. This kind of solidity is much better than particle board, environmental protection is also very good, and the price is higher. In normal use, you should pay attention to ventilation to avoid mold caused by dampness. The best choice for this material is the dry and wet separation of the bathroom, which is to move the bathroom cabinet and the sink to the outside of the bathroom, or separate it from the wet. Separate, so that it can be kept dry, so that the wood will not mold and crack.

In addition to wooden cabinets, there are also PVC, ceramic and stainless steel. These are better than wooden bathroom cabinets in terms of waterproof and mildew resistance. Materials like PVC are usually pressed on the board by high-temperature vacuum. This material has better waterproof performance and is more durable. There are more colors to choose from, and the customized shape is also better.

There are also ceramic and stainless steel. The ceramic material is very waterproof and moisture-proof, but it must be integrally formed, the damage is not easy to repair, the installation is more complicated, and the cost is not cheap. Stainless steel is also not afraid of moisture and easy to clean, but it is also easy to get dirty. There are some small water spots that look dirty, so you need to clean it frequently.

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