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Classification Knowledge Of Household Bathroom Cabinets

Classification Knowledge Of Household Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are a common type of furniture at home. Different bathroom cabinets match different home styles. There are many types of bathroom cabinets. Many people don’t know how to choose when they choose.

Classified by cabinet material:

1. Solid wood refers to the cabinet made by using distilled and dehydrated solid wood as the base material and processed by N water-proof treatment process. The countertop (or basin) can be made of glass, ceramics, stone and artificial stone, as well as the same materials as the cabinet body, etc. It is characterized by natural style, simplicity, grace and luxury, which can fully reflect the owner’s home class and identity. The waterproof performance is very good after the waterproof process and the baking paint process, but the biggest shortcoming of the solid wood cabinet is that if the environment is very dry, it is easy to dry and crack. Therefore, use a relatively damp cotton rag to frequently wipe inside and out during maintenance.

2. Ceramics refers to the ceramic body made by firing the mold directly as the cabinet. The countertop is generally also ceramic. The characteristic is that it is easy to take care of and can fully reflect the owner’s clean and lively rhythm. However, ceramics are fragile objects and are easily damaged if they are hit by heavy objects.

3. For PVC, the cabinet can be made according to the wood board processing technology. The raw material of the cabinet is PVC crust foam board, and the countertop is similar to solid wood. It is characterized by excellent waterproof performance, and the color and gloss of the baking varnish is bright and eye-catching. It is suitable for fashionable and avant-garde consumers. However, the PVC board will be deformed by force when subjected to gravity and cannot be restored after a long period of time, so this type of cabinet generally bears The basin body is not very big, and the weight is small.

4. Acrylic products must be processed according to the mold. The acrylic material is softened at high temperature first, and then processed into various styles of cabinets according to the shape of the mold; this type of product is also excellent in waterproof performance, but its nature is very brittle and easy to produce Scratches and cracks.

5. MDF, the cabinet is made with MDF as the base material, and then waterproofed. The quality difference is that the order of the waterproofing process is different. The difference is large: first cut the material, then waterproof, and finally make the cabinet. The body is the best. Make waterproof first, then cut the material, and finally make the cabinet body second best. Finally, waterproofing is fooling people. In the first type, the waterproof performance of all six sides of the cut material is good, but it is difficult to customize the size, and it cannot be cut on site to damage the cabinet structure, otherwise it will damage the waterproof performance and shorten the product life.

6. Trimer of ammonia board, similar to density board. However, the waterproof is processed by sealing the PVC edge, which is easy to open the edge.

7. Glass basins: There are two types of tempered glass and non-tempered glass. The latter does not say what the market does not allow (except for the three products that have not been stolen on the market). This kind of style is the most, the update is the fastest, and it is easy to be eliminated. If the glass basin is often washed with soap or facial cleanser, it is easy to form a layer of dirt in the basin, which is difficult to clean (use vinegar or neutral detergent, or toothpaste, etc.). In addition, tempered glass may explode If it is one in ten thousand for the manufacturer, it is 100% for the consumer.

Classification and characteristics of basin

1. Ceramic basin, the basin body is easier to clean.

2. Glass basins are easily attached to soapy water and difficult to clean.

3. Stainless steel basins, the sound of running water is louder.

4. Microcrystalline stone basins are easily scratched by hard objects, but they can be polished and restored.

Classified by placement:

1. Suspended type: The suspended type requires that the wall be a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall. The hanging underneath the bathroom cabinet is easy to take care of the bathroom hygiene, and there is basically no sanitary corner. In addition, it can effectively prevent moisture from extending into the cabinet. Insulation walls and lightweight partition walls cannot be installed with such products.

2. Floor-standing: There is little difference between floor-standing cabinets and hanging ones, that is, they don’t pick up the wall, but the underside of the cabinet is not easy to take care of, and the cabinet is easy to get damp.

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