Bathroom Cabinet

How To Choose Bathroom Cabinet?

How To Choose Bathroom Cabinet?

Although the bathroom cabinet is a small building material, if the selection is not good, the use of the bathroom will be greatly reduced. There are actually a lot of knowledge to choose a bathroom cabinet. Now let’s talk about the choice of bathroom cabinets.

What materials does the bathroom cabinet have?

At present, the materials of bathroom cabinets on the market are mainly divided into PVC bathroom cabinets, stainless steel bathroom cabinets, solid wood veneer bathroom cabinets, ceramic bathroom cabinets, high-grade oak bathroom cabinets, etc. You can simply understand this part.

1. PVC bathroom cabinet (recommended)

Why recommend PVC bathroom cabinets? Because the bathroom is relatively damp, wooden bathroom cabinets are afraid of being deformed by moisture. PVC is relatively waterproof, lighter, and the key price is relatively cheap. It is very suitable for versatile styles.

However, PVC bathroom cabinets also have shortcomings: due to their relatively soft material, the surface is prone to scratches and cannot be repaired, which affects the appearance; the taste will be relatively large when you first buy it; it is afraid of high temperature and light, and it will become yellow for a long time.

The editor here reminds everyone: if the surface paint has a lot of prominent small particles, you can basically be sure that you have used inferior paint, and it is best not to buy it. Small areas in the home may cause environmental problems, and small bathroom cabinets should also be found in regular stores. Don’t just be cheap.

2. High-grade oak bathroom cabinet

With oak as the main substrate, it is sprayed with waterproof and environmentally friendly paint. Compared with other man-made panels, solid wood cabinets emit less formaldehyde, are natural and environmentally friendly, and are more durable. The disadvantage is that the price is more expensive.

3. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet (recommended)

This is similar to the more and more popular stainless steel cabinets, stable and not easy to deform, easy to clean and take care of. When choosing a stainless steel bathroom cabinet, it is best to choose a wall-mounted type, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground, or a special aluminum product for the bathroom cabinet, so that the moisture resistance can be guaranteed.

4. Ceramic bathroom cabinet

This kind of board bathroom cabinets are relatively rare. Ceramics are generally used for countertops and less for cabinets. This kind of bathroom cabinet is easier to take care of, but it is not easy to protect and maintain.

5. Veneer bathroom cabinets

This type of bathroom cabinet is generally made of solid wood or MDF as the base material. After the solid wood veneer is used as a whole, the surface is painted with waterproof paint. MDF is a kind of man-made board that is processed by crushing wood raw materials into powder. Because the base material is different from the wood type of the solid wood veneer, the effect of the pasting process and the bonding material can easily cause cracking, which affects the waterproof effect. Therefore, it is only recommended for dry and wet toilets.

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