Finished Wardrobe Vs Custom Wardrobe

Finished Wardrobe Vs Custom Wardrobe

The reason for choosing a customized wardrobe is that you can make full use of the limited furniture space and design a personalized style and style.

Comparison of finished wardrobe and customized wardrobe

1. Finished wardrobe:

Advantages: The styles of the finished wardrobe are diversified, and there are many choices. You can also see the pattern inside the cabinet, and you can also directly see the fineness of his work. There are also many styles and it is more convenient to buy.

Disadvantages: The specifications of the finished furniture are the same, and the materials can be cut corners, and the utilization rate of the space is not high. First of all, it cannot be topped, and there is little storage space, so many things cannot be put. It just feels good-looking, but it’s not practical.

2. Custom wardrobe

Advantages: As the name implies, it is a whole wardrobe tailored by the customer. The internal structure of the cabinet can be customized according to the customer’s living habits and actual area.

It is very user-friendly and can meet the requirements of customers, and the plates used are all real materials, clear at a glance, quality assurance, and easy to achieve the roof, the top of the cabinet will not accumulate dust and it is difficult to clean. The overall feeling is very grand and noble. The degree of environmental protection has reached the E0 level.

Five advantages of customized wardrobes

1. The choice of base material

Traditional hand-made furniture mostly uses wood core boards and veneers. The levels of wood core boards and veneers on the market are relatively inferior, and it is difficult to meet environmental protection and anti-deformation standards.

The tailor-made overall wardrobes mostly use E0-grade melamine, which is made by factory opening, edge sealing, perforation, and assembly. It refuses to use glue and paint with high formaldehyde. Its texture is clear, moisture-proof, and anti-deformation. Strong wear resistance and high environmental protection.

2. the production process

What is the craftsmanship level of a cabinet? The edge banding is extremely important. Manual edge banding is difficult to do. The machine edge banding in the factory can greatly improve the degree of exquisiteness and craftsmanship of the edge banding, and greatly shorten the production cycle. .

3. the price

As far as the current market is concerned, the price of buying furniture made of materials is higher than that of the whole furniture made directly from where, some people may ask, why is it cheaper to customize than to hire a carpenter?

Because the materials of the big brands are purchased in large quantities, the cost will be much lower. Coupled with the mass production line in the factory, the cost is greatly reduced. The professional manufacturers of overall wardrobes seek the quantity, not the single high profit. So customization is more cost-effective than finished products.

4. Period of use

In terms of long-term use, customization is better than finished products. Many finished products use materials that are not in place, pursuing the beauty of appearance. Like some finished bookcases and shoe cabinets, the doors will fall off or the plates will be deformed after a long time of use. If you are customized, an experienced designer will consider ergonomics and mechanics carefully! The wardrobe made will be relatively strong.

5. space

The custom-made wardrobe adopts the characteristics of on-site measuring rulers, making full use of the plane space of the site. Both practicality and visual effects have obvious advantages over traditional wardrobes on the market.

The biggest advantage of a customized wardrobe is to make full and reasonable use of the effective space, the design is more humane, and it is designed arbitrarily according to the user’s needs, or multiple drawers and multiple partitions.

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