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About The Design Layout Of Island Cabinets

About The Design Layout Of Island Cabinets

Some people say that the ideal state of cooking should be relaxed, and that you can happily chat with friends/lovers while cooking. Nowadays, the culture of socializing in the kitchen is becoming more and more popular.

Mid-island kitchen: The kitchen is designed with an island. According to customer needs, part of the functional area can be set on the mid-island countertop, so that the operating line is in the golden triangle, making the kitchen operation more flexible and convenient.

According to the design and needs of the island, not only can it be used as a console, dining table, desk or workbench, it adds more possibilities to the kitchen life, facilitates friendly interaction between family or friends, and makes kitchen life more comfortable and convenient. If it is at home The open or semi-open design can also act as a partition, separating the kitchen from the dining room or living room, etc., so that the family space can be formed as a whole without interfering with each other, which can avoid the chaos of the functional area and to a certain extent. Beautify the kitchen environment.

The storage of the kitchen is a problem that cannot be ignored. It is necessary to make reasonable use of the island. The design of the island not only increases the space of the operating table, but also increases the storage space of the kitchen. Design more drawers to make drawer storage more convenient.

Island Platform Design

1. Open or semi-open island kitchen

The island platform separates the kitchen from the living room or dining room, avoiding chaos in the functional area and creating a sense of spatial communication.

Island platform can also be used as a dining table, which is convenient and practical. It can also be designed as a social area in a leisure area to facilitate communication between family or friends and increase mutual intimacy.

2. Island kitchen with independent space

Island can be used as a kitchen countertop, increasing the kitchen operating space, making it convenient for family members to cook together, communicate and communicate, and can also store things, place kitchenware, small appliances, tableware, etc., and can also be designed as a small bar, leisure area, etc.

When decorating the island kitchen, you should also pay attention to reasonable planning according to the design of the moving line to avoid confusion in the moving line, which may cause inconvenience in cooking. When designing, it is also best not to put the stove in the middle island, which involves diversion of the hood line pipe, which is more troublesome. Island can be used as a workbench or leisure area. You may use a computer for office work or make some coffee. Power is needed, so please pay attention to leaving some sockets for the island area.

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