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Four Common Materials For Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Modern Kitchen Cabinet

With the continuous development of the building materials industry, there are more and more building decoration materials, among which there are many kitchen cabinet doors. What are the materials of the door, then the following editor will introduce the five common materials of kitchen cabinet doors, let’s see which kind of kitchen cabinet door material is good!

Modern Kitchen Cabinet
Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Which kitchen cabinet door material is good?

1. pvc board

The pvc door panel has the characteristics of rich colors, realistic wood grain, simple daily maintenance, no cracking and no deformation, heat resistance, stain resistance, fade resistance, etc. It is the most mature kitchen cabinet material and a very popular kitchen cabinets in Europe. Material.

2. Painted board

The surface of the varnished board is baked at high temperature, with bright color, beautiful and fashionable, and good waterproof performance. It has the advantages of anti-fouling and easy cleaning. The disadvantage is that the technical level is high and the scrap rate is high, so the price is more expensive, and it must be carefully cared for when using it. If it is damaged or bumped, it will be difficult to repair, and it is more suitable for high-end consumers who have high requirements for quality and appearance.

Solid wood kitchen cabinet
Solid wood kitchen cabinet

3. Acrylic door panel

Acrylic door panels are the best new materials in the field of home building materials. Acrylic panels have high brightness, full color, strong three-dimensional effect, good toughness, and are not easy to break, which can meet the individual pursuit of different tastes. Kitchen cabinet doors made of acrylic are not only beautiful in style, but also durable and environmentally friendly.

4. Solid wood door panel

The price of solid wood door panels is higher, it is divided into solid wood composite and pure solid wood door panels. The frame and door core of pure solid wood door panels are all solid wood. Solid wood composite door panel, the door core is medium density board, the surface is pasted with solid wood veneer, and then the solid wood surface is made of concave and convex shape and spray paint, so as to maintain the original wood color, which can ensure the special visual effect of solid wood, and can also ensure the strength of the door panel.

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