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How To Choose A Bathroom Cabinet? What Needs Attention?

How To Choose A Bathroom Cabinet? What Needs Attention?

Cabinet material:

1. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet

The overall effect is good, there are various styles and styles, such as: imitation wood grain, metal style, imitation stone style.

Advantages: good moisture resistance, strong and durable

Disadvantages: The price is high, in fact, compared with the advantages, the high price is not a disadvantage.

2. Solid wood or solid wood panels

At present, most bathroom cabinets are made of solid wood or solid wood panels, and their practicability has also been tested by the market.

Advantages: the price is cheaper than other products

Disadvantages: The solid wood is moisture-proof. Compared with the solid wood board, the moisture-proof performance is relatively poor, especially the floor-standing type, and the firmness is not as good as other products.

3. Brick clip cabinet

Advantages: sturdy, environmentally friendly, easy to take care of and sanitation, can be washed directly with water, and the price is not expensive.

Disadvantages: After the production is completed, it is a product that cannot be moved or changed.

Installation style:

1. Suspended

Advantages: easy to take care of

Disadvantages: not strong

2. Floor type

Divided into two ways, one is four feet

The other two anchors in the front

Advantages: Compared with the suspended type, it is more sturdy, and it is also convenient for the maintenance of the water supply

Disadvantages: There are sanitary corners in the foot part, which is not easy to take care of.

Basin material:

Ceramics: Nowadays more products are used

Glass: Dirty is not easy to take care

Acrylic: There are more countertops and basins in one

Installation style:

Marble countertops: choose marble countertops to make undercounter basins.

Artificial stone: Quartz stone is used for the brick cabinet, or there are more marble countertops, and it is also used to make under-counter basins.

Above counter basin: Whether it is ceramic or glass, it is dirty, has hygienic corners, and is not easy to take care of.

One basin and countertop: Compared with above counter basin or above counter basin, both the price, the installation, and the sanitary cleaning have obvious advantages.


In addition, do not have a wide side, it is inconvenient to use and easy to get dirty. The back of the basin can be widened to put a lot of necessary toiletries.

Corner cabinet: If the bathroom is not big, you can choose this corner cabinet.

Summarize  :

For those that are not easy to maintain, you must pay attention to the structural layout of the bathroom cabinet, otherwise it is better to choose a movable floor type.

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