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Modern Kitchen Cabinet

When the new house is decorated, the kitchen is an important functional area. The kitchen cabinet must be carefully planned from the beginning of design, and cannot be perfunctory, otherwise it will have a great impact on daily life in the future.

Modern Kitchen Design
Modern Kitchen Design

1. Open or closed?

This is closely related to living habits and the size of the house. If you and your family rarely cook, or if the house is small, the open kitchen is beautiful and generous, and saves space, which is the best choice. If you often go to the kitchen, it is recommended to use a closed kitchen to show your skills in the kitchen.

2. Straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped?

Many people will struggle with the layout of the kitchen. What is the font? L-type? Or U-shaped? It really depends on the space. The straight line is often seen in open kitchens. Generally, the L-shaped closed kitchen with limited area can make full use of the corner position and facilitate the activities of the chef. The U-shaped kitchen with large enough area can provide more powerful operation and storage support for the chef.

3. Wall cabinet or laminate?

There are many demands for storage in the kitchen. Generally, floor cabinets are necessary, but there will be differences in whether to install ceiling cabinets. First, I don’t think I can use so many cabinets. It costs money to install more, and it also makes the space cramped. Some owners also consider the use of lightweight devices such as laminates and hooks to be more portable and flexible.

This, of course, is also decided by everyone according to their needs and preferences. The storage space of the hanging cabinet is larger, and it can hide all the miscellaneous items in a clean and tidy way. For some young people who like small freshness, laminates can be described as a sharp weapon of style. The neatly stacked small objects fully show their obsession with objects and enthusiasm for life.

When making a wall cabinet, it should be noted that the wall cabinet must reach the top, which is beautiful and easier to clean; The hanging cabinet must not be equipped with a flip door. If you want to turn it up, you will have to move a small stool.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet
Modern Kitchen Cabinet

4. Install sliding door or swing door?

Of course, there is no standard answer to this question. It is mainly determined according to the spatial location, overall style and preferences. However, if you install a sliding door, the overhead rail is more waterproof and dustproof than the ground rail. If you want to use the ground rail because you are worried that the door is too heavy, you can use the narrow dust-proof ground rail.

5. Is it necessary to build a high and low platform?

If the height of your cabinet is suitable for the main users to bend down and lift their hands, there is no need to make a high and low platform. If you are a common person, you should stand on tiptoe to cook and bow to wash dishes. It is better to make a high and low platform to improve your enthusiasm for cooking.

6. Is the table made of quartz stone or slate?

Look at your budget and preferences. Some people say that the rock plate is so hard that it can be broken by chopping bones at home. This is really exaggerated, and the decoration company also has ways to improve the shockproof coefficient, such as laying a layer of wood under the rock slab. However, the cost performance of quartz stone will be higher than that of rock slab. I personally recommend using quartz stone table top.

7. Is double groove better or single groove better?

Modern Kitchen Cabinet
Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Depending on the size of the kitchen at home and the cooking habits, if there is not enough room, it must be a good one.

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