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The Choice Of Custom Bathroom Cabinets

The Choice Of Custom Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom cabinet not only bears the heavy responsibility of the bathroom storage, but also the beauty in the bathroom. A good-looking and durable bathroom cabinet can directly reflect the owner’s decoration taste in the bathroom space.

There are all kinds of bathroom cabinets on the market, how to choose the right bathroom cabinet? In my opinion, the selection of bathroom cabinets depends on the following aspects:


Bathroom cabinets on the market are not just a single color. Faced with bathroom cabinets of various colors, you must first choose the color that matches the overall tone of the bathroom. I personally suggest that the color matching of the bathroom should not exceed 3 as much as possible, otherwise it will look dazzling and nondescript.


After confirming the color, we have to consider the size of the bathroom cabinet. If it is placed in the bathroom, the standard size is generally selected, the length is between 80cm-100cm, and the width is between 45-50cm. Of course, if there are special size requirements, it can also be customized to ensure that every inch of space in the bathroom can be reasonably used.


The most important thing to choose a bathroom cabinet is the material of the bathroom cabinet, which directly affects the service life of your bathroom cabinet. After all, the bathroom cabinet has been in a humid environment such as the bathroom for a long time. Therefore, the waterproof and moisture-proof and stability of its material are very elegant. At present, the common bathroom cabinet materials on the market are solid wood, wood-based panels, PVC, stainless steel and aluminum alloys, etc. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, mainly depending on everyone’s needs.

Solid wood bathroom cabinets are environmentally friendly, have less formaldehyde, and are strong, but due to the properties of wood, they will inevitably lack stability in humid environments. Just like the previous bathroom cabinet in my house, it is made of oak. After less than 3 years, it still can’t stand the test of humidity in the bathroom. The inside and bottom of the cabinet are moldy, and there are bulging and warping on both sides. If artificial wood is used, the bathroom cabinet will be relatively cheap, but artificial wood involves the use of glue to bond, and if you buy inferior products, the formaldehyde content may exceed the standard, which is not conducive to environmental protection.

PVC material has good water resistance, so there is no need to worry about mold or deformation of the cabinet. But there are also disadvantages. PVC material is light and load-bearing, which is a bit worrying. In addition, the material is relatively brittle and feels very weak. Moreover, PVC sheet is a chemical sheet, so environmental protection is really uncertain.

Metal bathroom cabinets, such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy, have advantages in environmental protection and material stability. Moreover, they are waterproof and moisture-proof, mildew-proof and rust-proof, and easy to take care of every day. They don’t need to worry about putting them in a humid environment like the bathroom.

Installation method:

The main installation methods of bathroom cabinets are divided into hanging type and floor type. The former is convenient for cleaning, does not leave a sanitary corner, and the bottom of the cabinet is not easy to mold due to long-term contact with water. The latter is quite satisfactory, but the storage is more adequate and it can be guaranteed to be more stable. Therefore, both have their own advantages in different installation methods.

Other things to note:

1. The hardware fittings of the bathroom cabinet must be selected well. Otherwise, over time, the hardware accessories will rust due to the humid environment, and the entire bathroom cabinet will be scrapped.

2. The bathroom should be separated from wet and dry as much as possible, which can help delay the service life of the bathroom cabinet and reduce the erosion of moisture.

3. When installing the hanging bathroom cabinet, the load-bearing problem must be considered, and it is best to choose the wall to drain, otherwise the exposed water pipe will particularly affect the appearance. If you choose floor-standing bathroom cabinets, choose cabinets with thin legs as much as possible, which not only looks better, but also effectively isolates the moisture on the ground.

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