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Which Bathroom Cabinet Is Better For Cleaning?

Which Bathroom Cabinet Is Better For Cleaning?

The bathroom is a relatively private space in the home, and at the same time it is the main area where the dirt is contained. If you do not pay attention to the hygiene of the bathroom, it will cause odor back, mold and other hazards. It will not only lose face, but also harm our health. Moreover, the bathroom also needs to be installed with bathroom cabinets. The bathroom cabinets are used for storage, but usually we must pay attention to hygiene issues. Which bathroom cabinet is better to take care of?

Inventory of common types of bathroom cabinets

1. Foot-type bathroom cabinet

This kind of bathroom cabinet looks very beautiful and has enough storage space. However, the structure is foot-shaped, and the bathroom cabinet is raised by four feet, and the bottom space becomes a blind area, which is easy to accumulate dust and mold, and it is difficult to clean it with cleaning tools.

2. Floor-standing bathroom cabinet

In order to solve this problem, many people will put bathroom cabinets on the floor and turn them into bathroom cabinets without “legs”, thinking that there will be no sanitary corners. However, this way, there is no place to put your feet when you wash, and you can only lean your body forward when you brush your teeth and look in the mirror. Even so, there are still dead corners in the gaps on both sides, and the floor-standing bathroom cabinets are difficult to move, which is really inconvenient.

Easy-to-care bathroom cabinets, this kind is very popular

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet: The reasonable design of the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet not only leaves room for feet, but also has no foot-type bathroom cabinets that are prone to dead corners and difficult to clean. Enlarging the ground space, mops and brooms can be easily cleaned. At the same time, the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is very suitable for wall drainage. Put the drainage pipe into the wall, and the overall appearance will be more tidy and beautiful.

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