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Which Is Better, Customized Kitchen Cabinet Or Finished Kitchen Cabinet

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Which is better, customized kitchen cabinet or finished kitchen cabinet? Compare their advantages.

Customized kitchen cabinets and finished kitchen cabinets are relatively expensive. Although the price will be more expensive, it still has advantages in terms of practicality, neatness and beauty. Here are some points:

  1. From the perspective of functionality, the customized kitchen cabinet has advantages over the finished kitchen cabinet in many aspects, such as whether it is convenient to take things, whether the table height meets the actual needs, whether it can put down the required electrical appliances, and maximize the use of space.

The customized kitchen cabinet can be designed with a table top suitable for height or a high and low table top. It can store and discharge electrical appliances and hide electrical appliances according to the home electrical appliance design. It can be designed with an operating process table according to the cook’s habits. The kitchen cabinet can not only be a floor cabinet, but also a wall cabinet, so that the small space can be maximized, and the storage, storage, and handling can all be done. If the kitchen has corner and deformed space, it can also be well avoided.

Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

2. From the perspective of material selection, the selection of customized kitchen cabinets on boards is more diversified. The kitchen space is special because the moistureproof performance and cleaning of boards should be considered in the humid environment where they are exposed to oil smoke and water. Therefore, the moistureproof, fireproof and cleaning of customized kitchen cabinet boards can be well considered.

3. From the perspective of style unity, it is also difficult to find finished kitchen cabinets that conform to the decoration style of your house. If it is a customized kitchen cabinet, you can design the style, color, etc. according to the overall style of the house. The overall collocation is more comfortable and harmonious.

Is there any difference between expensive and cheap customized kitchen cabinets?

When some friends go to physical stores to customize kitchen cabinets, they may find that the price difference of some kitchen cabinets is very large. So the price difference is so large. What’s the difference? The answer, of course, is yes.

First of all, there are different boards. The commonly used boards for kitchen cabinets are particle board, solid wood board, density board, solid wood multilayer board and stainless steel board. Among them, particle board is widely used for making kitchen cabinet body because of its low cost and high decoration. The solid board has good stability and is not easy to crack. It can be said that it has the best performance in all kitchen cabinet boards. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet
Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Another reason for the price difference is the different countertops. The countertops of kitchen cabinets are mainly made of quartz stone, marble, rock plate, stainless steel and artificial stone. Quartz stone is the preferred material for kitchen counter top, with the advantages of high hardness, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. Cheap custom kitchen cabinets, mostly with artificial stone countertops. Although the price of this table is low, its hardness is not high, it is not resistant to high temperature, and it is easy to turn yellow.

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