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The Best Size and Material of Kitchen Cabinet

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The Best Size and Material of Kitchen Cabinet


What is the best standard for cabinet size.

1.Floor cabinet size.

In terms of cabinet design, the size standard of the cabinet floor cabinet is related to the size of the countertop sink. From an ergonomic point of view, the size and height of the kitchen cabinet floor cabinet should be controlled within the range of 780 mm, and the size of the sink should be controlled within the range of 470 mm * 880 mm.


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2.Wall cabinet size.

There is a certain correlation between the size of the kitchen cabinet wall cabinet and daily usage habits. If you are accustomed to the left and right door opening method of the wall cabinet, the width dimension standard of the wall cabinet should be similar to the width dimension standard of the floor cabinet. If it is used to open the door on the flip, then The minimum size of the wall cabinet should be 500 mm, and the maximum should be within 1000 mm. However, if the material of the kitchen cabinet is not good, it is easy to deform during the process of turning up the door.


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What kind of cabinet is good.

1.Solid wood board

The door frame of the solid wood panel is solid wood, mainly in cherry, walnut, and oak colors. The door core is made of medium-density board with solid wood skin. In the production, the solid wood surface is generally embossed and painted on the outside to maintain the original wood color and beautiful shape. In this way, the appearance of the solid wood can be ensured, and the combination of the frame and the core board can also ensure the strength of the door panel.

Style characteristics: It has the effect of returning to nature and returning to the truth; the overall nature, luxurious classics, and simple craftsmanship and materials have won the favor of modern people.

Applicable kitchen: The traditional classical style requires a large kitchen space. U-shaped and island-shaped are more suitable layout forms. Country-style kitchens are mostly made of solid wood, and they also require a large area, preferably with antique-designed floor tiles.


2.Glass door

Glass door panels are commonly used materials in the doors of wall cabinets. Aluminum frames or wooden frames can be used around them, and a large area in the middle is glass. It can also be used as a partial inlay and flower decoration foil.

Style features: classic-style kitchen cabinets, natural wood and glass are simple and nostalgic; the combination of lacquered panels and glass is modern and stylish. Especially in small kitchens, bright and transparent glass is the best way to enlarge the space.

Applicable kitchen: wall cabinets in any style kitchen can be used, especially in smaller kitchens.


3.Paint board

The base material of the baking varnish board is density board, and the surface is sprayed with imported paint (three bases, two sides, and one light) at high temperature and baked for 6 times. The surface is polished, primed, dried, and polished. It is divided into three types: bright, matte and metal baking paint.

Style features: bright color, easy to shape, with strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable.

Applicable kitchen: Due to the variety of colors and the strong sense of overall shape, the size of the space is not a problem. For a space with a small area, you can choose a linear and L-shaped pattern with light colors to enlarge the space. A kitchen with a large enough area should pay more attention to the matching of colors. The bright red to bright green combined with the island-shaped and corridor-shaped pattern is both individual and modern.

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