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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Need To Be Considered

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Need To Be Considered

When decorating modern homes, most of my friends will choose custom cabinets. Relatively speaking, custom cabinets are more professional and can meet the residential requirements of practicality and value. However, there are many decoration knowledge points involved, and it will directly affect the future. The sense of use and experience.

1. size measurement

The first time is after the house has been demolished and built, first determine the location of the cabinets for washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, and cooking, including the approximate locations of some electrical appliances. For example, whether to install an oven, steamer, integrated stove in the kitchen, where to install the sink, where to install the water inlet and outlet hot and cold water pipes, whether to install a water purifier, water softener, garbage processor, natural gas meter, whether it will Hide in the cupboard and wait.

The second time was after the masonry was finished, the custom cabinet panels were processed with precise dimensions. When installed on site, there would be no errors such as gaps and uneven length.

2.Operation line

Different kitchen layouts or sizes match different cabinet streamline designs. Common kitchen layouts have a font, L-shaped, U-shaped, mid-island, and double-shaped. No matter which layout, you must ensure the most basic ” The sequence of “washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, and stir-frying” is smooth. All the operating lines in the kitchen mainly focus on adding “washing, cutting, and frying” as the core.

3. high and low size tailored

Professional cabinet customization merchants will take the initiative to ask customers for their heights, so as to suggest to the owners the cabinet size settings that are more suitable for them, mainly including the height design of the kitchen floor cabinets and wall cabinets. The height of the base cabinet determines the convenience and comfort in the kitchen operation process. If the homeowner’s grid is tall and the cabinet design is too short, you will have to bend down for work. There is a 10cm height difference between the height of the sink area and the height of the countertop of the cooking area. It reduces the bending of tall people when washing vegetables, and reduces the height of the pot at the arm end of tall people when cooking, which saves effort and improves comfort.

4.the cabinet material

There are many types of cabinet materials, and there are many types of materials for door panels, hardware, cabinets, and countertops. Do not use molded doors for cabinet doors. They look high-quality, they are oily fingerprints at the first touch, and they are also very difficult to wipe. Try not to use pure solid wood or ecological boards for cabinets. The log content is very high, but the kitchen has high moisture and the risk of water absorption and deformation will increase. Multilayer boards, particle boards, and solid wood finger joint boards are all good choices for cabinets. They are not easy to deform, durable, and have strong nail-holding ability. Don’t care about the appearance, if you are looking for convenience, you can use domestic stainless steel countertops if you want to consider economical benefits; consider the good-looking and easy-to-clean quartz countertops; if you want the ultimate and the ultimate anti-fouling and scratch-resistant, you can consider rock slab countertops. lighting issues

The lighting of the kitchen should be considered in place, and auxiliary lights can be installed under all wall cabinets.

When installing the pull basket, don’t blindly install a lot of them, you should choose according to your actual usage habits, and be “sufficient.” Make as many drawers as possible. Cabinet drawers are the best way to improve the storage of cabinets in a limited space. Drawers can not only increase storage space, but also make retrieval and storage easier and more convenient. Drawers are combined with some practical pull baskets. Together, it is really a wonderful way of storage. If the kitchen space is sufficient, some tower cabinets and high cabinets can be installed, which can create a richer and more practical storage space, and can also make the embedded electrical appliances more beautiful and more convenient to use.

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