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What Should Be Paid Attention To In Cabinet Design

What Should Be Paid Attention To In Cabinet Design

Cabinet can be regarded as one of the most important components in the kitchen space. The quality of each cabinet design directly affects the overall experience of our later use. When we choose cabinet styles, we also pay attention to appearance and shape. Need to pay attention to the internal dimensions of the overall cabinet and the design of the functional partition layout.

Cabinet function zoning design

The more common cabinet styles on the market now have a font, L-shaped, U-shaped, and island styles. We can choose the specific style of cabinets according to the actual area of the kitchen at home. Generally, we need to divide the cabinet area into preparations. Vegetable area, vegetable washing area, cooking area, storage area and other areas. The specific area allocation location is best to combine the daily habits of the residents. The general kitchen activity area is to take ingredients, process ingredients, and wash. The ingredients finally come to the process of cooking ingredients, so we can also divide and design the cabinet functional partitions according to this kitchen activity law.

Cabinet height and width design

The height of the cabinet is generally designed according to the height of the occupant. The most scientific formula for the height of the cabinet is (height/2)+5cm. If you don’t want back pain due to long cooking, we can also design cabinets with high and low tables. The countertop, this will greatly increase the waist comfort during our daily cooking.

The width of the cabinet is generally not less than 40 cm. If the overall area of ​​the kitchen is relatively large, we can appropriately increase the width of the cabinet countertop, so that the overall cabinet countertop will become more spacious and convenient for us to place more kitchen items.

Selection of countertops for cabinets

When we choose the material of cabinet countertops, we must give priority to choosing the kind of material that is wear-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-fouling and corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and easy to take care of. The more common cabinet countertops in the market are mostly stone, and countertop stone is also divided into artificial For the two types of stone and natural marble, we can choose the suitable cabinet countertop material according to our actual decoration budget.

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