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How To Clean and Maintain Customize Kitchen Cabinets?

Customized Kitchen Cabinet

How To Clean and Maintain Customize Kitchen Cabinets?


“Food is the heaven for the people”, and the kitchen can be said to be the “heavy ground” of the family. As an indispensable part of kitchen furniture, cabinets in kitchen decoration also play an important role in the kitchen. In daily life, home decoration kitchen cabinets bring a lot of convenience to our lives. So, how should this kitchen cabinet be cleaned and maintained?


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First,Cabinet door.


(1) Soluble cleaners cannot be used for paint door panels.

(2) All benzene solvents and resin solvents are not suitable for panel cleaners.


(1) Avoid the water on the countertop from flowing down and soaking into the door panel, otherwise it will be deformed for a long time.

(2) If the door hinges and handles are loose and abnormal, they should be adjusted in time or the manufacturer should be notified for maintenance.

(3) Solid wood door panels can be cleaned and maintained with furniture water wax. The crystal door can be wiped with flannel cloth dipped in warm water or neutral detergent.


Second, the kitchen cabinet.


(1) When cleaning the water tank, remember to clean the neck end of the tube behind the filter box together to avoid the accumulation of long-term accumulation of grease.

(2) If grease accumulates in the sink pipe for a long time and is not easy to clean, then try to pour some kitchen cleaners in the sink, and then rinse with hot water and then with cold water.


(1) The bearing capacity of the upper cabinet is generally not the same as that of the lower cabinet, so light items such as seasoning jars and glasses are suitable for placing light items in the upper cabinet, and heavy objects are best placed in the lower cabinet.

(2) The utensils put in the cabinet should be cleaned before putting them in. Pay special attention to the utensils to be wiped dry.

(3) Wipe the hardware in the cabinet with a dry cloth to avoid water marks on the surface caused by water droplets.

(4) The sink of the cooking table can be covered with filaments in advance to prevent the vegetable scraps and small residues from blocking the water pipe.


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Third, cabinet countertop.


(1) Stainless steel kitchen cabinets should not be wiped with hard scouring pads, steel wire balls, chemical agents or steel brushes. Use soft towels, soft scouring pads with water or brighteners, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion.

(2) The kitchen cabinet made of fireproof board can use household cleaner, wipe with nylon brush or nylon ball, then wipe with damp hot cloth, and finally wipe with dry cloth.

(3) Soft scouring pads should be used for natural stone countertop, and toluene-based cleaners should not be used, otherwise it will be difficult to remove white spots. When removing scale, do not use strong acid toilet powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., otherwise it will damage the glaze and make it lose its luster.

(4) If the cabinet is made of logs, dust should be removed with a duster first, and then wiped with a dry cloth or special log maintenance lotion. Do not use wet rags and oil-based cleaning products.


(1) Avoid direct contact between hot pots and hot pots and cabinets, and it is best to place them on a pot rack.

(2) During operation, try to avoid hitting the countertop and door panels with sharp objects to avoid scratches. No matter what kind of countertop you choose, you should cut vegetables on the cutting board to prepare food. In addition to avoiding knife marks, you can also achieve better hygiene.

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