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How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets and Wall Cabinets?

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How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets and Wall Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets and wall cabinets are found in almost every kitchen. They are the main storage place in the kitchen. They are used very frequently, so they are also very messy.

After introducing the method of organizing and storing knives, the method of organizing under the sink, the organizing and storing of seasoning bottles, the organizing and storing of pots, kitchen knives, cutlery, spatula and other tableware, today I will talk about the finishing of kitchen cabinets and wall cabinets.

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1.Scenario analysis.

First, let’s analyze the usage scenarios of cabinets and wall cabinets, and their storage characteristics.

First of all, because the wall cabinet is relatively tall, it is not very convenient to take. The second is that the wall cabinet is hung on the wall, so you must pay attention to “load bearing” when organizing and storing.

In response to such a situation, I suggest that the wall cabinet should store paper cups, disposable chopsticks, spare condiments and other items that are not frequently used and lighter in weight.

Most wall cabinets are divided into upper and lower levels, with a height of 50 cm to 60 cm and a depth of 30 cm to 45 cm. Therefore, we should use the upper layer to store items with very low frequency as much as possible, while the lower layer is used to store items that are relatively frequently used.

If our storage space is insufficient, we can also make full use of the vertical space outside the wall cabinet, the bottom part of the vertical space, use some storage artifacts, to store some items similar to kitchen paper, plastic wrap and the like.

Because the kitchen cabinets are easy to take, most of them are used to store commonly used items such as tableware. Cabinets are generally divided into several areas: sink, under the stove, drawers and flat doors.

For different areas, different planning and utilization are carried out to accommodate different items. For example, as mentioned before: the space under the kitchen sink is wasted by you!

And the drawer is the most convenient to use, and it’s also the one that everyone likes to throw things in, and it’s the messiest one. The trick is to position and partition the drawers so that they are easy to use while keeping them tidy.

2.Clean up.

As the old saying goes, the first step in tidying up is to clean up. Whether we want to buy storage items or plan to re-storage, it is an essential step.

How to clean it up? First of all, we have two bags next to each other: one for items to be thrown away, and one for items that are reluctant to throw but can be given away.

Then check all the items in the cabinet one by one, using our three-second principle, and ask yourself if you still need it, either put it in a trash bag, put it in a donation bag, or put it in a pile next to it.


After discarding the unnecessary items, the second step is to classify the remaining items. Classification is also an important step in sorting.

Only after categorizing, you will let each item have its own attribution, and will not throw it out. Under normal circumstances, we like to divide items into two categories: food and kitchenware, and then subdivide them.

Food can be classified into: beverages, seasonings, snacks and other foods. Tableware and kitchenware can be divided into: pots, kitchenware, cutting boards, plates/bowls, cups and others. According to your own situation, the final task is to put all the items you left into one category.

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4.Planning and storage

Before storing, you must also have a plan for the items, that is, design a storage plan. Of course, you don’t need to have a detailed storage plan (drawing a picture) for our customers, and it’s okay to have a general plan in your mind.

Evaluate how you usually use these items, and the approximate route of movement (movement line). You definitely don’t want to run around with an item, so store it as much as possible in the most convenient place for use. For example, it is most convenient to put the condiments next to the stove.

Then design what kind of items each kitchen cabinet should contain according to your own habits. If you have a special kitchen cabinet to hold all kinds of cups, you have to drink water every day, occasionally drink coffee, and rarely drink alcohol. You can put the water cup on the outside and the coffee cup inside, and the wine cup can even be used if space is limited. Don’t put it here.

Keep in mind that not all items have to be put back into the cupboard, and the few items used can be put in other places such as the storage room, so as to free up more kitchen cabinet space.

After the approximate location is planned, consider which ones to put on the upper level of the cabinets and which ones to put on the lower level.

The upper cabinet is suitable for storing these items: food, cups, plates, cooking books and other items.

The lower layer is suitable for electric dischargers, pots and pans, bakeware, large bowls and plates, cleaning supplies, etc.


After putting your effort into organizing the kitchen cabinets, you must also make sure that everyone in the house can keep it together. So you have to make sure that everyone knows where these items should be placed, and consider labeling containers, storage boxes, and even the cabinet doors themselves. This can help everyone follow the storage rules you design.

In addition, when you put things in place, try to keep them as neat as possible. For example, when placing tableware, the label should be facing outward, and the tableware should be stacked according to the type and size. Doing so can encourage you and your family to keep the cabinets clean and tidy.

Finally, plan to clean and tidy your kitchen cabinets at least once or twice a year. Make sure you don’t have expired foods or foods you don’t plan to eat. And throw away the kitchen supplies you have not used. If you do this, your kitchen will be very practical and beautiful.

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