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Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge


The current kitchen is no longer limited to washing vegetables and cooking, it directly affects the owner’s home style. As an important part of the home furnishing process, creating a satisfying kitchen has become a concern for customers. Among them, kitchen cabinets are an important aspect in the home furnishing of the kitchen. Only by knowing more about kitchen cabinets can we create an economical, practical and beautiful kitchen!


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First,Classification of kitchen cabinet panel materials

Kitchen cabinet materials generally include: marble board, solid wood board, particle board, density board, moisture-proof board and so on.

The main categories of door panels and cabinet door panels are: solid wood panels, blister panels, baking varnish panels, UV panels, double-layer decorative panels, carbon lamp door panels and stainless steel door panels.



Second, there are differences between cabinets of different shapes

When choosing a kitchen cabinet, you should first check the space and layout. Not all kitchens can choose the same type of kitchen cabinets. Generally, there are several types of kitchen cabinets: flat flat-shaped cabinets, L-shaped, U-shaped. When customers choose kitchen cabinets, they should have a certain understanding of the applicable space of various kitchen cabinets so that they can purchase satisfactory kitchen cabinets.


1.Choosing a flat-shaped kitchen cabinetshould place all electrical appliances and cabinets along the wall and work in a straight line. This compact and effective narrow kitchen and cabinet matching design is suitable for small and medium-sized houses where only one person works in the kitchen.


2.The L-shaped kitchen cabinetis a practical kitchen collocation, and it is also very suitable for small spaces. By dividing the working area between two connected walls in this way, an ideal working triangle can be obtained. The stove, sink, disinfection cabinet and refrigerator between each work area are equipped with operating surfaces to prevent overflow and crowding.


3.The U-shaped kitchen cabinetis convenient to take each item, and can make full use of cooking and storage space. Two people can easily work in the kitchen at the same time. However, U-shaped kitchens are only suitable for larger kitchens. Avoid crossing the operating surface so that two people can work comfortably at the same time without colliding. A distance of at least 120cm must be maintained between two rows of opposed cabinets to ensure sufficient space.


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Third, the cabinet purchase should be checked in person.

The quality of cabinets requires buyers to personally check or inspect. Through some small steps and some small actions, you can check whether there is a problem with the quality of the cabinet.


1.The cabinet purchase depends on the workmanship

The working method of the kitchen cabinet mainly depends on whether there are small debris in the board cutting material, which can reflect whether the cutting saw is imported and the cutting quality, such as whether the edge banding tape is tightly attached, and whether the trimming is smooth and sleek.


2.Check the tightness

The sealing process of the edge of the cabinet is very important. When purchasing cabinets, you must check the airtightness. Only in this way can you ensure that you can choose high-quality cabinets.


3.Choosing cabinets must look at the raw materials

The price composition of kitchen cabinets is more complicated. The materials, countertop and hardware of the kitchen cabinets are different, and the price difference is also very big. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some necessary kitchen cabinet knowledge. Different materials will affect the overall use and durability of the kitchen cabinet, so you should carefully choose the material of the kitchen cabinet for your own use.

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