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This Custom Kitchen Cabinet Is Practical and Beautiful

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This Custom Kitchen Cabinet Is Practical and Beautiful


The layout of the kitchen is constantly changing, from the simple “one-shaped” to the “L-shaped” and “U-shaped” that are more and more in line with people’s living habits, but you know that not only the layout of the kitchen, but also the kitchen cabinets are very particular. , How can we make the cooking operation and storage in the kitchen more flexible and convenient.


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1.Arrange cabinet space reasonably

The cabinet has an important storage function in the kitchen, and it is also an important operating platform for cooking. Therefore, it is very important to arrange the size and spatial layout of the cabinets reasonably.

Countertop are often in contact with various food materials and seasonings. Not only should the kitchen cabinet tabletop be good, healthy and environmentally friendly, but also the size should be very appropriate. The width of the common finished cabinet countertop should not be less than 900mm×460mm. To make the large and small items in the kitchen neatly arranged, it is necessary to plan the kitchen cabinet space reasonably.

If the space in the kitchen is relatively small, I suggest that you can consider custom built-in storage cabinets as a tableware storage area, which not only saves space, but is also very beautiful.



2.To hide and dew

When designing kitchen cabinets in many families, they are completely enclosed, and everything is placed in the kitchen cabinet, and the outside looks very clean.

But there is no place to put the oven of this design! If it is placed directly in the kitchen cabinet, it is very troublesome to open the door every time the kitchen cabinet is used. And it’s more inappropriate to put it on the countertop. Therefore, owners who are going to install ovens and microwave ovens should design the kitchen cabinets to contain exposed cabinets. The exposed kitchen cabinets can be placed in the oven.

The vacant position can be reserved in advance according to the size of the oven, and it can be put in, so that it will not affect the overall appearance. In addition to the oven and microwave, you can also put some dishes, bowls, seasonings, etc., which are used for cooking.

But it should be noted that it is not only from the consideration of appearance, leaving room, the most important thing is practicality. If you just place an oven, design the space as low as possible.


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3.Add a dedicated electrical kitchen cabinet

Nowadays, many people want to design the kitchen as a combination of Chinese and Western, and there are more electrical appliances. Microwave oven, oven, meat grinder, steam oven, etc.

And many people put the refrigerator directly in the kitchen. At this time, a dedicated electrical storage cabinet is particularly important. Especially for cooking stations, electrical cabinets can greatly relieve the pressure on the storage space in the kitchen.



4.Meet individual needs

Customized kitchen cabinets emphasize personalization and customization, which can not only solve the shortcomings of the kitchen layout, but also make the most of the indoor space and make the products more suitable for users with different needs.

When customizing kitchen cabinets, the user’s ideological needs should be reflected in the product design, and then tailored to match the home style, designed and manufactured according to the user’s kitchen area, and make full use of every inch of the kitchen space.

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