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What Materials Are Needed for Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

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What Materials Are Needed for Custom Kitchen Cabinets?


There are three divisions of conventional cabinets from the appearance structure: wall cabinets, floor cabinets, and countertop;


Kitchen Cabinet Simple Designs


We use molded kitchen cabinets to do a simple material analysis.


The materials used in the wall cabinet under normal conditions are as follows:


The wall cabinet body, wall cabinet door panel, cabinet connector, wall cabinet wall hanging hardware, wall cabinet door panel connector have the wall cabinet door panel handle

The wall cabinet box is what we commonly call the cabinet part;


The door panel is the moulded door we talked about today;


The box connector is the three-in-one, two-in-one, and ply nails used in the mainstream custom panel furniture.


The wall hanging hardware of the wall cabinet normally uses the exposed hanging code, which is similar to a metal hook. Some custom kitchen cabinet companies use the hidden hanging code. Only the metal round holes are seen in the wall cabinet. Some custom home furnishing factories directly use expansion pipes to enter the wall, which is a more traditional installation method.


The door panel connector of the wall cabinet is the damping hinge. There are full cover, half cover, big bay, and 180 degree hinges are used in kitchen cabinets.


The door panel handle is the metal hardware grasped by the door opener. Some door panels are slotted, and there is no need to install the handle separately. Some kitchen cabinets are free of handles, and there are many ways.


Kitchen Cabinet Simple Designs


Simply analyze the materials used in the base kitchen cabinet;


Floor cabinet box, floor cabinet door panel, cabinet connector, floor cabinet door panel connector has the floor cabinet door handle, footing, skirting board, sink cabinet waterproof membrane (waterproof cabinet)


I won’t go to the analysis if it’s the same as the wall cabinet. Let’s talk about the base and skirting boards already in the sink cabinet.


Footing: The footing is at the bottom of the cabinet body, and the other end of the hardware that falls on the kitchen floor looks like a cylindrical pipe. There are many materials for the footing, which can be different from the outside. In general, The larger the appearance of the foot, the better the force-bearing capacity. It is basically plastic adjustable.


Skirting board: The skirting board is also installed between the kitchen cabinet floor cabinet and the kitchen floor. The purpose is to be beautiful and dustproof. There are pvc and aluminum alloy materials in the mainstream market.


Sink cabinet: The sink cabinet is the independent cabinet where we install the kitchen sink.


Let’s analyze the countertop part


The countertop is composed of two parts, one is the countertop and the other is the countertop pad (pad strip)


There are quartz stone, rock slab, stainless steel, and acrylic on the countertop market. Quartz stone and rock slab are currently the mainstream countertop materials still in use. Acrylic has been basically eliminated. Stainless steel is currently favored in some homes, and there are some medical and health care products. , Food and other special industries still choose stainless steel consoles.

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